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Jun 20

Your trucking business sometimes gets overwhelmed when you have too many orders to confirm and deliver. You may also experience difficulty in load consolidation and routing. So even if you have a well-trained and experienced team, you need to invest in technology to help simplify and speed up operations in your company. You should get trucking management software from MessageXpress, and here is how it will help you.

It Will Reduce Expenses

When you get our transportation management system software, you can rest assured that you will reduce the money you spend on freight and related expenses. The software will help you analyze data that can help you optimize freight routing and delivery systems, lowering fuel costs and reducing overtime hours. The system will also free up some members of your team who you can redeploy in other busy departments instead of hiring additional employees.  

Help Track Orders

Our Trucking Accounting Software will help your business assign loads to drivers and track freight deliveries in real-time. Your customers can also get notifications about the shipping process in real-time. By tracking freight deliveries, your company can analyze which routes take longer time and use them when making future deliveries. In addition, you can alter the routes if your drivers go off-route. Tracking freight deliveries in real-time also allows your team to respond to clients who may have questions about their orders.

It Improves Customer Service

If you want to improve your customer service, you should get our truck routing software or management solution. The software will help you track orders in real-time, meaning you can tell your customers exactly when they should receive their loads. You can also integrate the software with your warehousing and other systems to notify customers about the delivery progress from when the load leaves the warehouse to when it will be delivered to their location. 

Helps Make Supply Chain More Efficient 

Our transportation TMS software can make warehouse management easy as it can be easily integrated with your warehousing system. In addition, the solution streamlines logistics, scheduling, routing, and delivery processes, making the entire supply chain more efficient. And that helps improve productivity. It also allows your team to access all information in one place, hence getting meaningful analytics to make essential decisions to improve operations and cut costs. MessageXpress transportation management system will bring transparency and full visibility, which will help simplify the shipping process.